ULI'S Famous Nuremberg Style bratwurst, a tender, good lemony brat.

Uli's Famous Sausages and Bavarian Meat Company Sausages can be found here.
Uli brought me a new supply of sausage for the weekend for the 11th Annual Classic Yacht Association Poulsbo Rendezvous and the tiny little Nuremberg style beckoned to be had for dinner.
These are darling little sausages are finger sized and are often served grilled 3 on a bun at street stalls in Nuremberg. This sausage cannot be called authentic unless in is made in Nuremberg proper.
Uli's famous Nuremberg 'style' brats are fine with me. They are tender, a bit sweetish from the lemon and brown fantastically when pan fried in Croma Butter for Baking and Frying meat from Holland. Croma is a bar of cooking oil with added milk fat that burns at a higher temperature than regular butter.


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