Tine's golden Ridder Ost, is it the best Norwegian cheese? Nokkelost?

When I was invited to the Poulsbo Daughters of Norway meeting to give a cheese class. The following cheeses were sampled:

Cheese from Norway

Tine Ridder Ost Tangy and lingering.

You can buy Snofrisk spreadable goat cream cheese from Norway at the Marina Market. Very versitale, it's good on crackers, lefse or in spaghetti sauce.

Cheese from Holland

You can buy Frisian Clove Cheese from Holland at the Marina Market. Also called nail kaas because whole cloves look like nails.

Buy Beemster Gouda with Fine Herbs (Stinging Nettles) at the Marina Market. Finally a taste of Nettle! This is really good and no risk of being stung!

Aged Gouda Gold Label More than one cheese book claim this to be a world class cheese.

Parrano (Dutch version of Reggino Parmasano) Has the saly flavor crystals like Parm does.

You can buy Raw Milk Farmers Cheese (Boren Kaas) at the Marina Market.

Cheese from Denmark

Esrom 45% fat Stinky Cheese The Esrom was in perfect stinky form. Very Pungent, a rosy glow and soft.

Ridder Ost was my Mothers favorite cheese. Today in honor of her memory I will tell you what Tine (Tina) the manufacturer has to say about this tangy wonderful cheese.

Ridder Ost is a one hundred per cent Norwegian
invention, although it is related to French
cheeses like Saint Paulin and Port Salut.
The cheese was launched in 1969 under
the name Ridder, which is the Norwegian
word for "Knight", e.g. something
exclusive. The rind is edible and the taste is
distinctive and can be relatively sharp.
U s a g e
Ridder is a typical dessert-type cheese served
with crackers, summer fruits and berries; it is
very suitable for cheese platters. It can be
used as an appetizer, as a cooking ingredient
or sliced in sandwiches.
It should be cut in relatively thick slices.
the makers of Jarlsberg



Ridder Ost Raclette
Tasty, tasty, tasty.

Use Ridder cheese to give raclette the sharp taste.
4 portions
800 g Ridder

8 boiled potatoes

500 g bacon or smoked ham


Cherry tomatoes


And of course good crusty, chewy, Bread.

Cut the cheese into slices. Cook the potatoes and vegetables; place them on the raclette iron to keep warm. Let the guests help themselves to the cheese in the raclette pans, as well as the potatoes and vegetables, pickled gherkins, silver onions and ham at the table.


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