Conimex Curry mix Java spice paste

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I love using Conimex spice pastes. On the menu tonight is a Java curry. I'm using chicken thighs, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, leeks, and green cabbage. Once again all I'm going to do is put the frozen Costoco chicken in the pan, cover and let it steam (no water) for about 10 minutes on medium, turn and let finish steaming for about another 7 or 8 minutes until there is clear liquid when you pierce the meat. While the the chicken going and the rice steaming, I chop up whatever veggies we have on hand. When the chicken is done I pour off all but about a cup of the broth (reserve some), shread the chicken in the pan, add the spice paste and stir well. Add about 1/2 cup more broth and the veggies. Cover and steam for 6-7 minutes. Stir and see if it needs mor veggie cooking time, if not plate the rice and top with the chicken mixture. I like to make a big dinner so we have leftovers for a dinner or two during the week or a few lunches
This mix is over the top! The 11 year old loves in and everyone else does too! Another great 5 minute meal from Conimex. I know that this spice mix is for a traditional Green Bean dish, which I have used it for and it is delicious. I am a huge fan of one dish meals. I'd love to have the time to make a three or four course meal every night but with our lifestyle it is not going to happen. I'm at the store at least 6 days a week and try to spend whatever leftover time I have with the DH and the 11 year old. So I love my trusty big skillet!

The spices in this one are Coconut Milk, Chili peppers, vinegar, coriander, galanga, carrot, lemongrass, garlic and trassi (shrimp paste).

The flavors of Indonesian spices are so amazing, once you try them you will never want anything else. They are rich and complex and so much more flavorful than other Asian spices. I can see sadly why the world fought over the "Spice Islands".


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