Tompouce, Napoleon pastry slices from Holland are easy to make at home

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A tompoes or tompouce is a common pastry in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is the local variety of the mille-feuille or Napoleon cake.
Several variations exist in Belgium. You could encounter the boekske (literally: booklet) which may have a sugar finish or other deviances, such as being square. Belgians also prefer the spelling tompouce.
In the Netherlands however, the tompoes is iconic, and the market allows preciously little variation in form, size and colour. It must be rectangular, with two layers of puff pastry. The icing must be smooth and pink, or occasionally white.
On Koninginnedag (Queen's Day), and a few days prior, the top layer is orange. As you know the Royal Family in Holland is from the House of Orange.
It may also be orange coloured when the national football team plays in large international tournaments, but this is a more recent development, dating from about 1990.
Invariably, the filling is pastry cream which has to be yellow and very sweet. A topping of whipped cream is an accepted extra, but decorations with chocolate or otherwise did not make it. Variations with different fillings or with jelly are comparatively rare and can not be called tompoes. I love this part, food with rules! -Not!

The cakes are usually served with tea or coffee, and were supposed to be eaten with pastry forks, but most people find this impossible. Many eaters lift the hard upper wafer with their hand to eat this pastry sheet first.
The little fork may or may not be used to consume the rest. Dirtying your hands or avoiding to do so, and deciding to clean your hands with tongue or tissue, as well as observing other people's dilemmas must be part of the joy, as the taste normally is a nondescript sweet.
These mixes are really easy.
1.) Fill the small plastic measuring tray (included) to the top with milk and pour it into a bowl. 2.) Open one packet of the cream custard powder, stir it into the milk until the mixture thickened into a smooth cream. Wait a moment until the cream grows stiff.
3.) Open one packet of pastry slices. Spread the cream on top of one pastry slice. Place the other slice of pastry on top of the cream and press lightly.
4.) Advice before use: place the small packet of icing in warm water to soften. Squeeze the content of the icing packet onto the the upper pastry slice and spread evenly.
5.) Use a sharp, serrated knife and cut the slice carefully into 3 even portions. Now you have three delicious and fresh vanilla pastry slices. After preparation best eaten within short notice.


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