Sultana raisin fruit Is it a biscuit a cracker or a cookie?

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Also known as raisin biscuits these delicious fruit filled snack crackers by Sultana of Holland are a real treat. There are 5 individually wrapped 3pks in each package. The surprisingly airy cracker itself is barely sweetened, the sweetness comes from the fruit nestled inside the biscuit (which you can see bulging out of the biscuit) and from the light dusting of sugar crystals on the top of the cracker. These are not sweet enough to be considered a true cookie and they are filled with enough fruit that you feel like you are eating something that is good for you. The texture is both crunch from the cracker and chewy from the fruit so they are quite filling. These are great to keep in the car or for hiking and camping. I know they are given out on commercial air flights in Holland because I get calls from travelers desperate to find them after having visited Holland.

They come in a variety of fruit flavors Natural is filled with a variety of sultana (raisins), Apple is filled with Apple and raisin. There is also Peach and Orange with raisin but I think that the Sultana berry crackers are my favorite.


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