Appel Herring from Germany-rolled herring, it's a herring fish ball!

A great selection of canned seafood by Appel, Richter, Hawesta, Norge, Larsen, John West and more can be bought here.

This herring is very interesting. They are very firm (formed) balls of herring. There are both big chunks and little bits held together with a binder. A truer 'fish ball' than the Scandinavian style which is a puree of whitefish and potato or the gefilte fish of Eastern Europe. I ate these on wasa light rye crackers and enjoyed them very much. I sampled some out to a few herring heads who came into the store and they bought some in each variety. I haven't tried the curry yet, but I know I'll like it since I love anything curried. I hope those words don't come back to haunt me durian style!

Tomato Roll Ingredients are : herring fillets (70%), tomato paste, water, vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, modified starch, thickening agent (xanthan, johannisbrotkern (carob bean) flour, natrium alginat), milk protein, spices, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder (with soy). Hm so if this has carob bean flour in it than does this mean that this is a chocolate substitute? Nah, although these are very tasty I don't think they would quench a chocolate craving. Much like carob is no substitute.

The tomato sauce is a very smooth creamy style and had a slightly fruity taste. A German friend told me that she eats rolled fishballs on leaves of bib lettuce for a quick lunch.

Curry roll Ingredients are : herring fillets (70%), water, sugar, tomato paste, vinegar, apple juice concentrate, curry (with mustard), modified starch, salt, spice extract, aroma (with wheat), thickening agent, spices.

The Appel website is in German only.

Rugenfisch is also all in German, there are some yummy things in the top 10 that I'm going to try and import.

Again the Hawesta website is also in German.

This is a really good Gefilte fish recipe.

I'll never forget when DH and I made gefilte fish for a party and we were making so much food in such a small kitchen that we put on top of the fridge. When we found it late the next day we decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to use all of the available space in the kitchen as a counter top!


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