Koopmans Dutch mini Poffertjes pancakes mix and recipe

Buy Koopmans Dutch Poffertjes Mix here Honig also makes a good version of this mix.

Poffertjes are a traditional pancake treat. Poffertjes look like American Silver dollar (tiny) pancakes, but they are sweeter. In contrast with pancakes, poffertjes are turned before one side is completely done, which results in a much softer core than pancakes have. Typically, poffertjes are served with powdered sugar and butter.
Poffertjes are not hard to prepare but a special poffertjes pan is needed. This is a special cast-iron or copper pan also available in aluminium with teflon-coating with several shallow indentations in the bottom. In large restaurants, special plates are often used to prepare poffertjes. Restaurant chefs are quite skilled in turning the almost baked poffertjes with a fork.

Supermarkets also stock mixes for poffertjes, to which only the eggs and milk need to be added. Usually they contain some kind of leavening agent, like baking powder to prevent the issue mentioned above.

They can also be served with other sweet garnishes, such as stroop syrups made of molasses, apples, pears or mixed fruits.
Stroop made with apples is interesting because it is made in a huge iron vat and the mineral transfers into the product, it is often 'prescribed for anemia. Slagroom (whipped cream) or aardbeien (strawberries), are common toppings as well. Served with strawberries and cream they are known as 'Poffertjes à la Bill Clinton' in honour of his visit to Delft.


Poffertjes being baked in a special cast-iron pan.
420 g of self-raising flour
1 litre milk
3 eggs
pinch of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla essence
Dissolve the yeast in some milk.
Put the flour through a sieve, make a small hole in the middle of flour and pour the milk with yeast into it.
Starting in the center add the remainder of the milk, meanwhile whirling the batter. Finally add the egg.
Put the batter away for 30 minutes.
Place the pan on the stove and grease the pan with butter when it's hot. Add a little bit of batter to each hollow, only filling them half way.
Just before the topside of the poffertje is completely dry, turn it over. It should let go easily. Wait till the other side also has a nice golden brown color.
Put them on a plate and dust them with the powdered sugar, till they are completely covered with sugar, and put a small piece of butter on top, this should melt.
Serve immediately.
The Danish also make small pancakes called Aebleskiver but they are manipulated in the cooking with a nitting needle and are more often that not filled with cheese or fruit. You can buy Aebleskiver pans here at my pals shop down the street from me.


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