German European Rye Bread, sliced rye bread is perfect for open faced sandwiches

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Rye bread is a healthy and low-fat product. Because it is naturally high in iron and fiber content, this rye bread fits a healthy life style. The Frisian Rye Bread is especially interesting as it is made up entirely of broken rye kernels with no yeast added. It is baked from 8-24 hours at 110 Celsius. Wow! The non-baker in me really won't try this at home. If you look at it closely you can see that it is a mass of grains. This bread has little cohesion and will fall apart easily so watch your bread toppings!

Because the whole grains are used the starch and the protein are still in the grain so a protein structure cannot be formed with other grains. Baking is so much more complicated than cooking

You can fix components of a meal if something goes awry but not in baking.

In most other rye bread a bit of wheat flour is added, this gives the bread a better gluten network. Regular rye is baked for 2-4 hours at 200-220 Celsius the added yeast apparently allows for air bubbles and a faster cooking time.

Muesli bread has filberts and grains (a real muesli mix) in addition to the rye bread. I like this because it's milder.

In Germany saithe fish is put on buttered rye as a snack. It is really really good! In Scandinavia, pickled herring, egg, and creamed caviar in 'toothpaste' style tubes are all common rye bread toppings.

Bavarian Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread is made from whole rice, mountain spring water, whole corn, miller, sweet lupin flour, salt, guarseed meal (thickener) and yeast. No chemical additives.

Bavarian also makes organic rye breads or ecological as they say in Europe.

An interesting rye bread fact: after the rye bread is baked and sliced and packaged it is pasteurized with steam for 15 minutes at 80 Celsius.

Rye is for breakfast too!
An Ontbijtkoek is a Dutch spiced breakfast cake. Rye is its most important ingredient, coloring the cake a lightish brown. It is often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, and is occasionally served on a slice of bread. Mostly however, this "breakfast cake" is used in the morning with a little butter on top of a slice.


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