Dr Oetker Chocolate Raspberry mousse Supreme

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For a quick, easy delicious and elegant dessert this Chocolate Raspberry Mousse by Dr Oetker is just the ticket. To make all you need is 1 cup of cold milk a bowl and a mixer (I use a stick mixer) whip together for 3-5 minutes. Spoon into dessert cups and chill for 2 hours. Add fresh raspberries and maybe a mint leaf and you will get raves!
We also have the regular Dr Oetker Chocolate mousse mix as well as a Toro Norwegian Chocolate mousse mix. If you want a light variety Dr Oetker has Light Strawberry mousse mix and a Light version of the Dark Chocolate Truffle mousse mix that are also of the highest quality.
For something even tastier (to me) you could also pull out all the stops with the Dr Oetker Classic Creme Brulee this is a cooked pudding mix so it will take a little more time but if you have one of those cool mini torches that are so popular this is you chance to use it!


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