Bavarian Meats German sausages and Landjager salami snacks

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I did a post awhile back about Uli's Famous Sausages so I want to give equal time to Bavarian Meats whose sausage I also carry. The landjager you see here is a 4 pack vacuum packed. This sausage is ready to eat and is a quick, easy meal replacement on the go.

They are in a casing so if that is off putting it's easy to very easy to peel it off. The salami style meat (which is pork & beef) is very a very soft chew without the casing. Originating in southern Germany here is what wiki says about landjager.

Landjäger, (in both the singular and the plural, which literally means "country hunters" — originally a kind of mounted police in some German provinces) is a Southern German dried sausage made of roughly equal portions of beef and pork with lard, sugar and spices. They are usually made into links of six to eight inch (15–20 cm) length. These are then pressed into a mold before drying, which gives them their characteristic, rectangular cross-section of about one inch by half an inch (2½ cm × 1 cm).
Popular as a snack food during activities such as hiking and treeplanting. They also have a history as soldier's food because they keep without refrigeration and come in single-meal portions.

Landjäger tastes like dry salami. Eaten straight from the deli, it goes well with a cold beer. As a meal, landjäger sausage can be boiled and served with potatoes and fresh greens. To reduce the fat, poke holes through the casing of your landjäger before you boil it.

Hmm, I don't know about boiling it, but I might try that. These are very satisfying and when you are starving, because it's quick and substantial. For me it takes one to ease the pain around 2pm when I realize I haven't eaten all day! One (or so) keeps me feeling full and boosts the blood sugars up until I can get home have the time for a proper meal.

These are good dipped mustard too! I have people that come in and (I swear) buy 15 packs ever week and a half! They are that good, the flavor is not a very spicy one but there is just a little spice in it but its a slight garlic peppery flavor not hot. I get these fresh from the factory which is across the water in Seattle every other week. Although they are shelf stable for up to 6 weeks I keep them in the refrigerated section because to me they taste better. So there ya go the perfect armchair road trip food!

Another great pre-cooked sausage from Bavarian Meats in Seattle is their Polish Sausage the German take on Polish Sausage tastes much
different that the American version. It's like comparing a rib eye to turkey franks with the rib eye obviously equalling the artisan made Polish sausage. Throw these on the grill to heat them through and you will be converted. As a matter of fact the violin repair shop across from me does just that here on sunny days. Where are those sunny days, we were teased with a few and now people are calling this month June-uary.
For a raw sausage I like the Berliner bratwurst which is made with pork and veal. I guess there is quite a food fight that goes on in Germany about who has the best sausages for curry wurst. Currywurst was invented in Berlin but Hamburg has thrown the sausage gauntlet on the ground. Like all good things invented in Europe there is a curry wurst museum in Berlin devoted to it. I suppose since I have the Licorice Shrine, I'm on that train too!


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