Swedish Princess cake a Marzipan covered cake

Prinsesstårta -- "Princess cake" A friend made this awesome Swedish Marzipan covered cake. A pre rolled sheet of marzipan can be bought here. It is not the traditional green marzipan but I'm not into products with food dyes, if I can avoid them I do.

I have never been a baker. I get bored to easily with the process of mixing and then waiting. For example by the time I'm done mixing the cookie dough and put it on the pan I'm done. I forget that they are in the oven and well, it's hard to save a batch of burned cookies.

I don't eat baked goods either, I guess maybe that's another component of it. I do however love marzipan! This awesome cake was made by a friend who is a baker. It got me to thinking that even a mess of a cake that I would make would look and taste good under a sheet of marzipan!

This is a Swedish special occasion cake made of layers of sponge cake, whipped cream, and custard under a green marzipan coating with powdered sugar on the top; often decorated with a pink marzipan rose. If you wanted to you could roll out your own bulk marzipan and then you could add the food coloring but I would guess getting the color evenly spread would be difficult.


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