Scandinavians love herring, Canned herring and Pickled herring are equally enjoyed.

Nothing says Norway like Herring on a flatbread style cracker. We have over 30 types of tinned herring you can buy here. We also have over 30 types of pickled herring from brands like Abba, Richter, Larsen, PK, Delikat, King Oscar, Neptun, Brase & Soner Ice Land AB, Lykkeberg and Norden. Buy Here.

For example this is perfect for a light lunch. The fish has the perfect firmness.
Hawesta canned Herring in Ketchup Sauce comes with a yummy crunchy Nordic salad.
What's in the salad you ask? Leek, cucumbers, dill weed and both red and yellow bell peppers.

You will need a good cracker to make a this into a meal rather than a snack. A saltine would do but a nice cracker add an element of actually stopping and eating rather than just grabbing a can on the go.
Kavli is a great brand from Norway and comes in 5 different varieties: thick, thin, 5 grain, golden rye and pesto. Another brand I like is is Finn Crisp which come in multi-grain, original, caraway. I like both of these because they are long and thin. If you can imagine each cracker is the size of a standard checkbook check folded in half the long way. This is the perfect size for a messy ingredient like herring because there is enough room on the cracker for a nice sized topping and because it's narrow if fits just right in your mouth. The crackers are firm enough so they snap off and don't crumble.

They also are convenient because there are 3 sleeves of crackers in each box so they stay fresh until you open them

And for an after lunch snack another Norwegian favorite licorice by Nidar, Skipper boats. This is a really nice sweet licorice boat. These licorice are soft and full of flavor. I like to molasses edge to it, they smell really good too! They are nothing like the icky licorice boats IKEA has. Sorry Sweden!

Nidar Skipper licorice has been around since 1985 and it typically Nidar's bestselling sweet bagged licorice according to their website. But that was written in Norwegian.


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