Norwegian Tyttebaer or Lingonberry Jam and Norwegian ripe Strawberry Jam Rock!

Jordbær is Norwegian for strawberry. Norwegian strawberries are the sweetest I have ever tried. The wild strawberry jam made in Norway is very true to the taste of this highly prized fruit. Most of the fruit for export is sent to Japan and to select restaurants in France.
Why all the fuss? One of the reasons is the fruit is treated with respect and integrity. It is picked when riped and rushed to the jam factory within hours so that the delicate fruit is at it's peak when it is minimally processed into jam. You can buy Norwegian wild strawberry jam here.

Tyttebaer is Norwegian for lingonberry. This jam is use as a condiment with (primarily) wild meats like reindeer which is popular in Norway and Scandinavia in general. I previously wrote a post about this on April 8, 2008 called Deer in the Hood .

Lingonberry jam is easy to make at home all you need is a stand mixer. Put the lingonberries in the mixing bowl with sugar to taste and turn it on and let it go until it is jam like in consistency and you are done! You can buy frozen lingonberries here.

I remember while growing up in a Native American household, that my Grandmother Katherine used to make cornballs which was basically an egg shaped ball of cornmeal, lard, and dried huckleberry. I loved them and it was a special treat when my stepfather came back from North Dakota with a few in his pocket for me. I think they would have been even better with lingonberry. To buy the jam to the right which is a lite (lett) lingonberry jam that contains 40% less sugar that the regular recipe chick here.

Lingonberry is a low laying shrub that is ideal for using as a ground cover. It is supposed to grow very well in areas like mine but I can never find it at the nursery. The berries themselves are quite small (less than green pea sized) and firm.

Although the flavor is most often compared to cranberry, that can be deceiving. Because lingonberries are picked ripe they don't have the pucker sour of the cranberry that most of us in the US are familiar with.


  1. Ah! I love Norwegian jam!!! Funny thing is, my favourite kind of jam from there is First Price jordbær:P

  2. Is First Price a brand? And I agree that jordbær is yummy!

  3. Yeah in the stores I went to there they had first price of almost everything.It's the cheapest, but I like it the most:)

  4. Interesting, I will have to let my importer know that brand :)


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