Marabou Chocolate and Mint Caramels, a Swedish delight

You can buy Marabou Swedish Chocolate here

Marabou chocolate is a customer favorite. They excel at milk chocolate, it is smooth and creamy with a nice hint of caramel. It is no surprise then that their Carmel varieties are luscious and velvety. The caramel is slightly looser than I assumed, which I really enjoyed as I got the full burst of mint flavor right away instead of having to chew through to it. I chose to eat these slowly enjoying a side of chocolate first rather that popping the whole thing in my mouth at once. I'm glad I did because I got to get all of the caramel out and enjoy that before I went back to the chocolate! It has been about 5 minutes and I can still taste the mint. One of these is all I need as Marabou chocolate is very sweet. It is in my opinion as sweet as chocolate from the UK only much smoother.
I didn't know until recently originally was the same formulation as Freia Norwegian Chocolate. Apparently there was some kind of copyright issue and to sell the chocolate in Sweden they had to rename it! The chocolate recipe must have changed at some point because they don't taste the same, at least to my palate.


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