Licorice is good for your health and Licorice facts

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I ran across this incredible exhibit ALL ABOUT LICORICE! Who knew there was an online food museum?? The picture of the plant is the actual licorice plant. I wonder what the blossoms smell like? How cool would that be to have an arrangement of licorice flowers in the house!

Here are cleaned licorice roots and pieces of yummy licorice. Below this is a brief explanation of how the transformation takes place.

The licorice roots are cleaned, grinded and then boiled. The curdled very strong tasting extract is dried again. This is again dissolved in water and founded in moulds. The taste is obtained by adding natural flavours. The licorice was thickened. The plant where licorice is obtained from is mainly found in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea. Robust plants with feathered leaves, which can grow to one and a half meters. Well known in Holland and Belgium is the cultivated violet papilion flower, of which the dried roots are known as a goodie. It is also used as an element in the preparation of medicines against pain in the throat and as an ingredient for cough mixtures. Licorice is a benefit for your throat!

Here are a some fun licorice factoids:

Recently a sample of historic Liquorice from 756 A.D. was analysed and found to still have active principles. Licorice provides longevity!

Native Americans used it to alleviate pain in difficult childbirth. Licorice heals!

Liquorice has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese Medicine for over 3,000 years. Licorice cures all!

In Buddhist religion an infusion of the Liquorice root is used to ceremonially bath the statue of the Buddha on the morning of his birthday, the eight day of the eight-month. Buddha is a Leo!!!

Liquorice is 50 times sweeter than sugar, but only contains 100 calories, per ounce and is widely used in the food industry. Licorice is a diet food!

Licorice for President~!

In Pontefract there is a licorice festival that looks allot like Mardi Gras.


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