Freia melkesjokolade milk chocolate,freia firklover

Buy Freia Products HERE Freia milk chocolate is a very pleasing bar with a caramel aroma and lingering caramel aftertaste.  Swedish Marabou milk chocolate is supposed to be the same as Freia. To me the Marabou milk chocolate tastes sweeter and lighter in the cocoa content.
I will have to do a more rigorous comparison of the two, darn.

Norwegian is a very phonetic language I have found that if you say the word you can (sometimes) figure out what it means for example melkesjokolade means milk chocolate.

Freia is a Norwegian chocolate brand. The company was founded in 1889, but real success was seen only in 1892, when Johan Throne Holst (1868-1946) took over management. Holst realized that there was a potential market for edible milk chocolate, in addition to the dark chocolate and other minor products Freia were producing at the time. By the turn of the century, Freia was the leading Norwegian brand in sweets.
Based on the success in Norway, the Throne-Holst family in 1916 founded the chocolate factory Marabou in Upplands Väsby outside of Stockholm in Sweden. The name Freia (or Freja) could not be used due to a conflicting trademark in Sweden, and the name of the species of bird on the Freia logo (a Marabou Stork) was chosen instead.

Here is a sample of the bars we carry.
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