RJ's Soft Eating Black Licorice from New Zealand

RJ's soft eating licorice is a huge hit in our town. It is one of those items that once you try becomes your favorite. The softness in the description is no joke. Not as soft as a marshmallow but close, a firmer mallow. It is not a sticky licorice so it will not stick to your teeth. An advantage if you have teeth 'issues' but a disadvantage if you like those bits stuck there 'for later'.

RJ's is one of the few varieties that make flavored licorice that I deem fit to carry. The raspberry variety has real licorice extract in it so it does qualify as being a 'real' licorice it just has extra flavors added. As a rule I refuse to pump up the numbers by adding colored products that call themselves licorice when they are really just flavored, artificially colored paste sticks.

Licorice and chocolate are a great flavor combination. RJ's makes an interesting variation on this theme. Think of a pencil that is about an inch in diameter. Inside this lovely soft log is a 1/4 inch chocolate 'lead'. Ingenious! The chocolate is so thick that it has snap when you bite it :) We have this chocolate log in both black and raspberry.

What a way to go. Next week I am getting in a new version of the log, it is a dark chocolate 'lead' and a -get this- orange licorice covering it. I am actually not that hip on the chocolate and fruit combination. Well to be honest, I'm just not really into fruit. But I am intrigued by this since so many other people love fruit & chocolate and I'd like to add another type to the mix.

The other chocolate and licorice I have follow: Roly Polys - a very thick covering of milk chocolate covers black marble sized licorice.
Raspberry bullets, cute packaging- they look like they are shooting up at you to land gently in your mouth so you can chew the explosive taste up.

Licorice Facts courtesy of RJ's

Licorice is also Called: Liquorice, Yashtimadhu, Mithi-lakdi, Mulathi, Sweetwood, Licorice root
Biological Name: Glycyzrrhiza glabra
LeguminosaeKnown as the ‘Blue Flowering Snow Pea’

Plant Parts used: Dried Root

Did you know:

Licorice is a traditional herbal remedy with an ancient history and world wide usage Nearly two-thirds of all traditional formulas in Chinese Medicine contain Licorice. Another reason to drink licorice tea or China Cola.


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