Tine brand Nokkelost cheese from Norway

Purchase TINE Nokkelost here, it is one of the most popular cheeses in Norway. It is a 45% fat cheese so it is very creamy. The addition of cumin and cloves spread throughout the cheese take it to a level of brilliance that make it addictive. It is great as a snack and makes an over the top grilled cheese sandwich.
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Years ago when trade between countries was paid for in goods Norway accepted Leiden cheese from Holland in exchange for Norwegian timber. When this practice stopped Norwegian palates raised their voices until Tine began producing a similar, but higher fat content cheese that is today's Nokkelost.
Nokkelost in fact translates as 'Key Cheese" which is the symbol on the gates of the city of Leiden in Holland where that cheese is made.
I prefer the Leiden cheese, perhaps it's my Dutch genetics, but it is dryer and more aged tasting so the seeds impact a stronger flavor,
This cheese is extreamly rare in the States. There is a Washington State dairy that makes a version which is good but very different from the Tine brand. Blind Cow also makes another Norwegian version that is more like Leiden.
you can Purchase Nokkel ost cheese from Norway here


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