Nero black licorice bar Chocolate covered Norwegian Goodness from the Licorice Shrine

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The Nidar Nero licorice bar is a licorice unlike any other! The licorice is a licorice jelly, so the consistency is kind of like a stiff gumdrop in bar form. The jelly has a triple licorice complexity because it has not only licorice extract but also aniseed oil and fennel oil. I think it is the addition of the fennel oil to the licorice that gives it such an interesting tang to the bar. Think piney sweet licorice. It is covered with Nidar 45% dark chocolate

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Nidar's Troika bar is a confectionery chocolate with layers of truffle, marzipan and jelly. The chocolate bar for when you want to treat yourself with something special. The jelly in this bar is also stiff like in the Nero bar. I don't really know why its called a jelly because you do have to really bite down on it to get through it.

The marzipan is nice and soft and I usually eat that and leave the rest of the bar alone. It's the not liking fruit thing again I guess. The chocolate truffle part is good too though I prefer the more moose like truffle filling in a Freia Monolit bar. This is a monolit cake, added so you can see how the layers look.

Laban is the name of Nidar's jelly men, women and babies. Yes the girl's do have "girl's"!

Nidar offers a wide range of sweets, such as chocolate bars, boxed chocolate, caramels, jelly men, liquourice, marsipan and lozenges. Many of our products were developed before the Second World War. Brands such as Stratos, Gullbrød, Smørbukk and IFA are among the oldest in Norway.


  1. Yum, Troika bars are the best... my girlfriend brings them for me from Norway, I was not aware you could get it elsewere... figured it was a norwegian thing.

  2. Although rare, you can get them!


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