More good health news for Licorice!!

" Scientists at the UCLA school of dentistry have developed a
sugarfree lollipop infused with licorice extract that they claim can help prevent tooth decay. They use a licorice root extract that destroys the bacteria responsible for cavities. Importantly, the extract does not kill the other bacteria in the mouth necessary for good oral health. The lollipop was chosen as the ideal vessel for the ingredient, as consumers generally suck the product slowly, which keeps the licorice extract in the mouth for longer. Flavored with orange extract to add more taste appeal, the lollipop's are currently being sold to dentists in Japan and Europe to test on patients at high risk for tooth decay"
Food trends-
Denise Shoukas

I am pretty excited about this news! Although I don't think these lolly's will be available for awhile (I'm on that!) there are allot of sugar free licorice items already on the market Lakerol from Sweden, Ga-jol from Denmark and de Bron from Holland just to name a few.

For the purist there is sweet wood which is the licorice root itself. You can't get more sugar free than that! Licorice tea is great too, it has such a light delicate woodsy licorice taste.

Check out the other health attributes of the pictured de Bron licorice:
• Low Carbs • 30% Less Calories • Sugar Free • Kind to Teeth • Gluten Free • Gelatine Free • Colour Free • Nuts Free • Lactose Free • Milk protein Free • Fat Free • Low Saturated Fat • Soya Free • Sodium Free


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