How to make Schnitzel at home? Use Knorr Schnitzel mixes

Wiener schnitzel (from German Wiener Schnitzel, meaning Viennese cutlet) is a traditional Austrian dish and popular part of Viennese and Austrian cuisine, consisting of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried. In Austria the dish is traditionally served with a lemon slice, lingonberry jam and either potato salad or potatoes with parsley and butter. The dish may have originated in Milan, northern Italy, as cotoletta alla milanese, and may have appeared in Vienna during the 15th or 16th century. According to another theory, it was introduced by Field Marshal Radetzky, who spent much of his life in Milan, in 1857. The term "Wiener Schnitzel" itself dates to at least 1862.

Schnitzel (שניצל) or ktita (כתיתה) is a very popular food in Israeli cuisine. Schnitzel was brought to Israel by the way of Ashkenazi Jews coming from Europe. It is either made of a bread crumb and egg batter or spiced with paprika and then fried. The meat is often either chicken or turkey, in conformance with kosher laws, which do not allow pork to be used. It is usually served with French fries or rice, and ketchup or hummus are common condiments. Schnitzel in pita is a popular fusion dish unique to Israeli cuisine, and is often called the national dish[citation needed]. Many Israelis were of Viennese or German origin, but during the early years of the state, veal was unobtainable, and turkey proved an inexpensive and tasty substitute. Schnitzel is also a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish recipe and considered part of Jewish cuisine. 'Tiv'ol' was the first food company to produce a meat-like vegetarian schnitzel.

Unlike in Austria, schnitzel is served with gravy. Some Swedish cookbooks claim that real Wiener schnitzel is decorated with ansjovis (tinned sprats cured in brine).

United States
The precise origins of Chicken Fried Steak are unclear but many sources attribute its development to German and Austrian immigrants to Texas in the nineteenth century. Chicken fried steak (also known as country fried steak) is a piece of beef steak (tenderized cubed steak) coated with seasoned flour and pan fried. It is associated with Southern U.S. cuisine and hospitality. Its name is likely due to the dish's similar preparation as with fried chicken, and it is typically served with white, cracked pepper gravy

Jägerschnitzel: "Hunter's schnitzel", served with dark mushroom sauce. (Jägerschnitzel may also refer to an eastern German variant made of Jagdwurst which originated in the GDR.)
Zigeunerschnitzel: "Gypsy schnitzel", served with a tomato sauce containing bell pepper and onion slices. A variation of this is called Red Pepper Schnitzel.
Rahmschnitzel: "Cream schnitzel", served with a sauce based on cream, often contains mushrooms.
Hamburger Schnitzel: "Hamburg-style schnitzel", topped with a fried egg.
Holsteiner Schnitzel: "Holstein-style schnitzel"; breaded; topped with a fried egg, anchovies, capers, and lemon slices.
Naturschnitzel: "Natural (i.e. unbreaded) schnitzel"; not breaded; sautéed; served with a simple sauce (e.g., pan drippings, to which sour cream may be added) or none at all.
Chicken schnitzel: Made of chicken, usually a cheaper alternative to others. Considered the poor man's schnitzel.
Turkey schnitzel: Made of fillet of turkey breast, very popular in Israel, often called the national dish.
Vegetarian schnitzel: Made of textured soy, tofu or seitan. The seasoning is in both the flavor of the meat as well as the breading so the consistency may differ slightly. In the UK the Tivall brand was (until late 2007) distributed nationwide through Tesco Supermarkets. Tivall Vegetarian Schnitzels are meat free, made with lightly seasoned, shaped and textured vegetable proteins, coated in light and crispy breadcrumbs. Although softer in texture the flavor is a close approximation to the meat based original.


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