Fizzies a childhood favorite

Fizzies are a tablet that, when added to water, will create a soft drink.
Or if you want to create mischief you can put them in your mouth and pretend to be foaming at the mouth like we did as kids. Ah, childhood.

Fizzies are effervescent tablets that magically transform ordinary tap water into colorful, great-tasting soft drinks that are calorie-free and contain vitamin C — so they’re not just good; they’re good for you!
Best of all, Fizzies are bursting with fun. Impress your friends by dropping one of seven delicious Fizzies tablets into cold water and watching them fizz before their very eyes.

In the motion picture National Lampoon's Animal House, Dean Wormer reads a list of pranks committed by members of the Delta House fraternity, which included dumping an entire truckload of Fizzies into a swimming pool during a meet.
Coming soon to the store will be a new shipment from German candy company Frigeo Brause. Brause are similar to fizzies but with a huge variety of formats. The pictured tablets are one, another is flavored powder in packets. To see more brause go to


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