Uli's famous lamb sausage and Isralie couscous soup

The other night we had Uli's Famous Lamb Sausage for dinner. We had gotten a fresh shipment from Uli and the lamb looked so good that I took a pack home. That's the major convenience of having a food store, the ability to not have to go to another store!

Anyway I decided to pan fry the sausage in a bit of olive oil.

I had gotten a big bag of Israeli couscous earlier that day so that too was on the menu. I love that stuff! Hot or cold, it makes great salads and as you'll hear in a bit it is a great leftover.

I also think it is a diet food. Why you ask? Well with all the chewing you have to do as the little darlings squish about in your mouth I think you MUST burn more calories than they contain!

The last component in the dinner was the family standard, broccoli. Eat it, love it, very simple -four minutes in the microwave.

Dinner was great. I would've been much nicer without having another 'do your homework' discussion with our son though. Ah 10, how I don't miss having 'mean' parents!

You really should try Uli's famous sausages sometime. Uli is a German Master Butcher and takes his craft very seriously you would love the flavors, the lamb is garlic & herb spiced. I also love the fact that if the FDA guidelines don't insist that a preservative be in a product he is preservative free.

If you are ever have a chance to go to Pike Place Market in Seattle he has a storefront and gives out tons of samples! You can also see the bar used in Sleepless in Seattle which is next door, AND see a show with flying fish from Pike Place Fish! You can't have to much fun at Pike Place.

So today I decided to bring in my leftovers and make a little bit of soup in my trusty crock pot. I decided to bring this baby in from home since we are here more than there and we haven't been getting our fair share of soup since we weren't home to make it. Whew! Ok enough explaining about my love of crockery!

The recipe was simple:
I began by draining a tetra quart of organic chicken broth into the crock pot and putting in on high with the lid on.
I chopped up the leftover sausage into bits, I got about a cup of loosely packed bits.
I put this into the crock pot, I think I'll just start calling him Fred.
Then I chopped up about four carrots, half a leek and 2 stalks of celery.
I nuked the carrots for 5 minutes, until soft.
Then I did the celery and leeks together for four minutes.

When the broth was warm I added the leftover couscous and the meat. As the veggies were precooked I added them straight into Fred as well. Once it was heated through I tested it, yum. But it wasn't quite the flavor I wanted and the volume was low compared to the amount of veg involved. I added a package of Maggie Oxtail soup mix and another quart of water.

By this point we were all starving so we had some before the soup mix had a chance to boil & thicken but is was still fantastic! Just what I was looking for the flavor of roasted lamb and carrots. The only thing that would have made it better would've been parsnips.


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