Peeps for my peeps!

So this is my peeps entry.
On the bench is Amy Winehouse and at the 8 o'clock position is "My Blake". Behind Blake at 11 o'clock is a hanger on. Sadly, the red licorice has led these three down a dubious path.
You can see that they are the only Peeps adorned with red licorice; however the ill's they suffer can be cured if they shun the red and go for the pure goodness of black.

The other Peeps who go for the real, black licorice are offering them black licorice from the "Licorice Shrine" to heal them of their maladies.
You can see the vampire on the bottom right tried black licorice and now that is all he wants to eat or drink- if a vampire can be cured then who are we mere mortals to argue!

The sign at the top says "We don't want no Red Licorice, I said NO, NO, NO!"

I will add close ups later so you can see the details.


  1. These are fantastic and nutty. Are they for sale?


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