Katjes Euro Licorice

One of my favorite licorice is the Katjes Euro Lakritz. Visually it is a deep deep brown so deep in fact it almost looks black until light hits it just right. It is a one inch disc that is about a quarter inch high. The flavor is reflected in the ingredients: brown sugar syrup rounds out the flavor of the 7% licorice and the slight bit of ammonium chloride. It's texture is soft yet chewy due to the agar agar used for the gelling. There is a very thick 'skin' with an almost pasty gel center. The addition of herbs which are not listed but I have a suspicion could include the European bergamot which is what flavors earl gray tea. It doesn't taste as strong as the tea but I have that same nice feeling and aftertaste when I eat this that I do after a nice cup of earl gray. Katjes is a great German confectionary company that uses no artificial colourings or flavorings in its products.

This licorice has it's place in The Licorice Shrine


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