The joy of a simple food -spatzle

Tonight I made a quick simple dinner of pan steamed chicken thighs, steamed broccoli and spatzle.

Normally I use Hofbauer Spaetzle because it is foolproof, basically you can set it to boil and almost forget about it and it just won't get mushy. But tonight I used the Birkel brand because a bag of it broke at the store and as I don't want to sample out dried noodles I took it home.

I try to sample everything we sell at least once so I had used this brand before and found it inferior to the Hofbauer brand which has a meaty texture, good forking and pleasant mouth feel.
The previous time I tried the Birkel it was mushy and I thought flavorless.

My chicken was done and I was waiting for the noodles, thought they were done so I drained them. This led me to discover why they were mushy the last time I cooked them. They are very long and the ends were done but the inside 4 inches of the noodles were still very undone. Blast! So instead of just putting a bit of butter in the pan and returning the noodles to coat them I added the chicken 'water' as well and the lid. this steam boil combo produced a 'gravy' after they finished the cooking process. They were actually quite tasty! I'm not going to switch brands, I'm not going to go that far for a noodle I have to baby, but it was redeemed and I will reorder it.


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