Here are the single shots of the Peeps

A shriner, spreading the fluffy love of licorice to yet another lost soul.
The cured vampire, what a doll! It began life in a Kinder egg from Poland, which is somehow oddly appropriate I think.

This is the keeper of the black licorice. A kind and gentle face if every there was one.

This is the Universal sign for the all important message -Stop Red Licorice before it stops you!

This is My Messed up Blake. He is so far gone that his body parts are changing colors! He is smoking and drinking which is not so good for Peeps as you can see.

This little guy has been annointed (see salmiak pastille of head) to do good works. He is here to offer a restorative bite to the poor, dowfallen peeps. This guy is a bad influence. You know how the saying goes that men think with their little heads? Well this guy has red licorice there and that is all he is thinking about. Bad. very bad news for all.

This is Amy. Isn't her hair looking swell? There is a little glue from the glue gun visible but I think it adds to the look. I think Amy looks boobalicious with her tiny guitar and big red gummy binky! Her eyeshadow was made with little bits of licorice.


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