Today is the day I bring the licorice shrine to life

Well at least the day it begins. I've gotten 12 other businesses in Poulsbo to join me in entering the Seattle Times Peeps contest. The idea being the Peeps (perhaps a flat Peep) will tour through our fair town. I hope that my vision of this turns out ok, I'm not really the 'crafty' type. But I do get people yelling "Hey Licorice lady" at me so maybe my love of licorice will pull me through the craft gap.

Participating are:
Cargo Hold
Liberty Bay Books
Potlatch Gallery
Marina Market
Blue Heron Jewelry
Boehms Chocolates
Kitchen Karousel
Nordic Maid
Shelia's Bay Cafe
Liberty Bay Bakery
Imagins That Bead Shop
Amanda's Art Yarn


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