Peeps Ahoy

Well I am gearing myself up to enter the Seattle Times/PI Peeps contest. I was all set to enter last year and found that my (then) 9 year old had eaten all the peeps. Anyway after much repeating of "I will not eat my mother's peeps" I feel (kind of) secure that they will be there when I decide on the design. What I want to do is replicate the "Licorice Shrine" and have all the peeps eating licorice. So to begin I have been researching peep art and technique on line- who knew there would be so much information out there! Some I won't go into as this is a child friendly blog! yikes!

Anyway I have about 200+ kinds of licorice to choose from plus copious types of Haribo. Hopefully it will be a cool confectionary bit of 'eye candy' not a big mess!


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