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Holiday sale Bahlsen gingerbread lebkuchen cookies, Rieglein foil wrapped chocolate bells, santas, ornaments

Dr Oetker Chocolate Raspberry mousse Supreme

Let it snow for Hannuka!!

German Coffee Prodomo is low acid from a unique processing

Winter is here, it's time for Toro brand Norwegian Yellow Pea soup

Georgous truffles made with love by Life (not Death!) by Chocolate

Lutefisk, Lefsa, yah, yah, you betcha

Klene black Licorice from Holland

Finally Coke and Pepsi will sweeten with Stevia!

International Holiday sweets

Thank you to all who came to the 3rd Fishline Foodbank Annual Auction Fundraiser!

Licorice information is it good or bad for you? Does Licorice help ADHD? My quest to know.

Where can I find Anthony Bourdains favorite chef knives Global Knives?

Bread machine recipe for Swedish Braided Cardamom Bread.

Me And my award winning cheesehead scarecrow!

How do I make headcheese or where can I buy headcheese?

Horn salt, Bakers Ammonia for light crispy airy cookies

More Seattle food experience 2008 featuring two Seattle Innovative Chefs from Serafina and Crush

What is Shawarma, how can I make it and what is the recipe?

Octopus from Etta's slam dunks the Seattle Food and Wine Experience 2008

The Seattle Food Experience 2008 review part one Port Ludlow resort rocks a New Bedford Scallop!