First blog post!

Well we are almost done with our year long remodel of the store-yea! The biggest part that we have left and are in the last stretch of finishing is the website. We decided to put all of the items we stock in the store onto the website- that's about 15,000- so it is unimaginable detail. We will have pictures of all the products and yes finally a shopping cart! We are hoping to relaunch the site within the next week or so. And of course my two big yearly events are on November 11th and November 17th.

My 8th Annual Dutch Open House is on November 11th from 1-3pm at the store, directions are on the website I have been happily planning the menu for the rice table and am anticipating having a really good time as usual!

Then the following week is the 2nd Foodbank Auction and wine tasting that Myself and 2 other board members organize. This year we are celebration the 40th anniversary of the foodbank and will have celebrity pourers like the mayor.

So I have a busy couple of weeks -plus all of the Holiday items that I will be getting in - 2 huge pallets this week alone! And it's all really cool stuff!

I will be posting picture in the infamous "Licorice Shrine" and will be sharing the joys of the nearly 300 kinds of black licorice and the nearly 400 kinds of chocolate bars we carry very soon
Until next time- Andrea


  1. I wish I could go to the open house!!!! sounds fun!!!

  2. I wish you could be there too! I will post pictures of the food!


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