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Freia Chocolate Salt Licorice Sauce for Ice cream and just eating! New Shipment just in! 11/17/18

Freia Salt Licorice SauceSalt licorice sauce for ice cream and desserts The taste of this sauce is smooth like a melted licorice caramel. The salt is not strong, you can see it's at the end of the ingredient list. It rounds out the flavor of licorice much like salt does when paired with a nice chocolate.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, water, licorice extract, vegetable oil, pectin, salt, calcium sorbate, aroma.

FREIA chocolate began in 1889 in a small backyard factory in what was then a rural area of Oslo, Norway. The name FREIA is derived from Frøya, the Nordic goddess of love and fertility.  Over more than a century, the FREIA brand has become one of Norway’s most familiar and well-regarded
I think there might be an Adult experiment in the future with this.. Licorice Martini anyone?

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