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Abba Kalles creamed Caviar, Abba Swedish cod roe and tomato in a toothpaste tube

Buy Kalles caviar in a tube here.
Creamed cod roe is an interesting product. The cod eggs are mixed with potato and a little tomat (tomato) paste and sometimes dill. The mixture is marketed in a 'toothpaste' style tube which is ingenious as it is thrifty -you use all of the product and you can control how much you use. If you like a briny taste I think you would enjoy this since it is mixed with the potato and tomato the taste is not the same as with plain brined caviar, the sacs have all been blended so there is no crunch. In the photo, the cracker has mayo (also from a tube) covered with sliced egg and then a squiggle of caviar to decorate and enhance to taste of the egg. Really good brands of creamed caviar are Abba's Kalles caviar, Norway's Mills caviar, and Larsen's Danish creamed caviar.
If cod roe is not your thing you can also get Abba mackerel and tomato or Abba salmon pate in a tube. And crab and tuna also come in tubes and are great for taking on road tr…

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