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Brooklyn Brine Pickle - Damn Spicy - Whiskey Sour - NYC Deli Pickles Case of 12 - 24 oz.

Brooklyn Brine Pickle - Whiskey Sour - Case of 12 - 24 oz.
The signature brine rounded out with a bit of Finger Lakes Distilling Rye Whiskey.
Our Price $90.90 Typical Retail $109.08

The last time I visited my sister when she lived in Park Slope I went on an on the fly tour of Brooklyn Brine given by none other than the Executive Briner himself Shamus!

It was delightful and fairly extensive -I thought -for someone who just ambled in.  Needless to say, everything was delicious and that's how we started carrying Brooklyn Brine Pickles!  Their beets are incredible too!

Founded by Executive Briner Shamus Jones in 2009, Brooklyn Brine has been on the forefront of the Brooklyn food-scene ever since.

Brooklyn Brine Pickle - Damn Spicy

The case of 12 - 24 oz. Our Price $90.90 Typical Retail $109.08

  A spicy, vinegary punch of a pickle.  Hand-crafted, non-GMO, Kosher certified, award-winning, worldwide distributed, damn fine pickles.  In the span of 6 years, Brooklyn Brine’s line of pickl…

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