Thursday, January 30, 2014

Uerige Sticke

TASTING NOTES: Pours Dark brown with a huge fluffy head with massive lacing. The head retention is amazing. Slightly sour grain aroma, with resin and leather notes. Mouth feel is thick and a little sticky, and there are lots of piney hops on the finish. Lots of dark fruit, spices, and nutty caramel flavors. Really quite nice. A classic alt. Tasted at 58.8F.

RATINGS: 96/99 92


UERIGE Sticke can only be tasted twice a year: always on the third Tuesday in January and October. This beer is brewed with more malt and hops and is much richer than UERIGE Alt. 6% abv are hidden behind the massive but elegant aroma.

The unusual name derives from the olden days, when the guests would whisper (`stickum' being a dialect term for secret gossiping) that the master brewer must have been a little too generous when weighing out the ingredients. Of course, today this does not happen by pure chance.

Connoisseurs like to let their Sticke rest for a few more months in the cellar before enjoying it. Due to the higher alcohol content, this beer keeps much longer than the official guaranteed minimum storage time.

UERIGE Sticke is only available in 0.5l bottles and is sold exclusively for a very short period twice a year.

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